Dignity For Donald


I’m 95% sure that Donald Trump isn’t Batman.


I leave 5% room for doubt for the mere fact that I have never seen them both in the same room together.


Also, he has enough money to actually become Batman if he wanted to, so there’s that…


I mean, It’s all very funny. It’s good for a laugh at his expense isn’t it? What about his hair? Can we have a discussion about that! Amiright?!?!
























Just typing that felt wrong. It felt wrong because it IS wrong.


And if you are a Trump fan, then maybe you got a little huffy reading that. If you aren’t a Trump fan, then maybe you snickered a little bit while reading that.


But I ask you this: Are huffs and snickers the gospel attitude that Christians are called to have?


Are we meant to look at political candidates, or, for that matter ANY human being as something to be made fun of?


I guess what I am getting at is this…can we give some dignity to Donald?


What about to Hillary, or Obama, or to Christie, or to Bush, or to (insert name here of someone you de-humanize and often turn into the butt of the jokes…if you just snickered at the word butt then you definitely need to keep reading…and yes, I said it again).


And the sad thing is, I hate that I even have to use the word “give” as if dignity is something to be earned. Trump doesn’t deserve dignity because of something he has done, he deserves it for the same reason Clinton and Bush and Obama deserve it.


They deserve dignity because they have been made in the Image of God.


It is also important to remember that God didn’t get duped when they got put into power. He didn’t miss the election day or forget to vote. He preordained their elections for specific reasons that are so far beyond us that we may never see or understand them. But daily, second by second, He continues to sustain them and give them breath. God gives them dignity whether they deserve it or not, and so should we.


I bet the Jewish people freaked out when Cyrus was called God’s “anointed one,” and look how that turned out!


He makes it rain on the just and unjust alike. Common Grace, yall.


And because of our failure to give all human life dignity, the world looks the way it does.


Our failure to love, affirm, and give dignity to all peoples is the reason #blacklivesmatter even has to be a thing.


Our failure to love, affirm, and give dignity to all peoples is the reason Planned Parenthood even has to be a thing.


Our failure to love, affirm, and give dignity to all peoples is the reason why slavery even has to be a thing.


Let that sink in…I’ll wait.


We have failed to see the Image of God in our fellow brothers and sisters, and it is destroying us as a nation.


I don’t care if you are a democrat, republican, libertarian, independent, Christian, Non-Christian, or undecided! I want you to know TODAY that you are of much more worth than gold or silver, and that you are deeply loved.


And please don’t get me wrong, I love a good joke just as much as the other guy. But do you remember that time when you were on the playground and your friends weren’t laughing with you but at you? Yeah, remember how that felt? We do that to people every single day and in much more harmful ways than a simple mouth full of sand.


We mock political candidates, co-workers, relatives, enemies, friends, and we forget that everyone of them has a purpose on this beautiful Earth. Not only that, but many of them need to be reminded (sometimes daily) of their inherent dignity.


Some of the most powerful moments in scripture come about when Jesus simply reminds people that they aren’t invisible.


The woman at the well who comes in the heat of the day all alone, an outcast, ashamed, encounters the tender voice of Jesus and is forever changed.


Lepers come to Jesus, unclean, untouchable, and Jesus does the unthinkable and touches them.


Zacchaeus, an IRS employee, extremely short, hiding in a tree, and Jesus says, “lets have lunch.”


Jesus comes into the midst of their brokenness and repairs their shattered self-image.


Now insert your story here. I don’t care if it’s a romantic comedy or even a horror story. Jesus wants you as you are now, not as you are going to be. The re-writes will happen, but before they do, you need to know that your story isn’t junk. Your story doesn’t suck, because the main character is you, and you are crazy awesome.


This is the gospel, and this is what the world needs to hear.


So can we just stop huffing and snickering?


Can we disagree without degrading one another?


Can we stop stereotyping and making broad generalizations?


Can we stop missing the forest for the trees, and quit throwing the baby out with the bathwater?


Can we stop using clichés? (See what I did there? I told you, I like a good joke)


As 2016 approaches, lets put down our picket signs, stop making fun of Fox News, and give Donald the dignity he deserves.


After all…he is Batman…


Lord, help me…


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